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The HDMI-Z1 from CLEF Audio, Is the answer for people who want to find a cable with a chip that uses high speed that helps keep good images with the original sound.

chip active to expand and customize the signal of  the destination.The original most matches the original,Signals of the destination are not lost or signals not distorted and resulting in beautiful images and great sound in the same cable.


1. Audio Grade 24K Gold Plated Connector.  

2.Active Hight Speed Video Booster Chip.  

3.Durable Injected Aluminum Cover Shell.



Technical Specification

-Supports data rates up to 18Gbps (6Gbps per TMDS Channel)
for 4k 60fps 4:4:4 12-bit performance.
-Integrated equalizers, linear output drivers, voltage regulators, control, and input terminations allowing for a compact module design.
-Sophisticated RT8000 production test system ensures 18Gbps performance and HDMI 2.0a interoperability.
-HDMI Ethernet Channel technology for the ultimate music, movie and gaming experience.
-Stunning visuals and sound from one cable.
-Audio return channel, 24K gold-plated connector.
2M     =  2,900   baht
3M     =  3,900   baht
5M     =  5,900   baht
10M   =  14,900 baht
15M   =  19,900 baht