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powerBAR 6


The Advanced Noise Filter, Surge Protection and Power Distribution for Home Entertainment Equipment. Using CLEF AUDIO’s proprietary POLARIS II Technology, PowerBAR is the perfect solution for those who require a cost effective way to filter and reduce noise in AC line in order to improve sound and image quality. With affordable price, PowerBAR is also designed and built with surge protection feature.


1. Polaris II Technology, Reducing EMI (electro-magnetic interference) noise from AC line, improving sound and video image quality from your equipment. The equipment also operates at optimum performance without interfering noise.

2. Surge Protection, Protecting your equipment from surge voltage caused by bad AC line condition or lightning.

3. Power  Breaker, Acting as main power switch and protecting the unit from over-current due to excessive load or equipment short circuit.

4. Aluminum Shell, Ensuring long term durability, not as fragile as ordinary plastic case, so maintaining maximum safety.

5. 16 AWG Cable, Capable to handle 10 amp maximum current to ensure smooth and sufficient current supply to your equipment.


Technical Specification