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Thank you! for purchasing our 1250A Stereo Integrated Amplifier, 1250A is a best budget Stereo Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth capabillty.So you can both enjoy music stream from your favorite smart device and hight quality music from the other Aux input.


1.On/Off Switch  :  Push up or down the On/Off button toTum on or off 1250A

2.Source Select Switch   :  Push up or down to select desired imput sources.Up for Bluetooth Mode or Down for Aux input

3.Volume Button : Rotate to adjust volume level.

4.AC Input : Plug the supplied power cord into this connector and plug the other end into electrical outlet.

5.Bluetooth Antenna :  Connect Bluetooth Antenna to this Terminal.

6.Speaker Output : Connect the speaker cables to these Terminals.

7.Aux input Jack  :  Connect Line Level Source to this Input.


Technical Specification

Type : Solid State, AB Class

Output Power : 25 Watts per Channel @ 8 Ohms

Input : RCA Input

           Bluetooth 5.0 Version with AptX

Power Consumption : 140 Watts Max

AC Requirements : 220-230V / 50 Hz

Dimension (w x h x d) : 284 x 85 x 175 mm.

Weight  : 3.0 Kgs, 3.4 Kgs with Packing


The price is    9,400    baht.